Me, myself and I…

Sun Run Overlooking Tryfan Snowdonia

Sun Run Overlooking Tryfan Snowdonia

2013…here it is!  January is a fresh start, a clean slate, a chance to review and reflect and plan for the months ahead.  In the Snowdonia mountains (Nant Peris in particular), it can be cold, dark and pretty gruelling at times (especially when most of the local community disappear to the sunny Alps and send back gorgeous snowy images by every social media avenue possible…keep ’em coming though).  But, today has dawned clear and bright and all is right again with the New Year. 

While running in the aforementioned dark, wet and cold this week (which is a regular occurrence lately) I was thinking about how we’re supposed to think about others at Christmas time (granted, that is so last year now), not ourselves, and how some New Year resolutions always include ‘being more generous’, ‘spending time with others’ and  ‘looking out, not in’.    We are not islands.  This makes me reflect upon my family and friends and how much their support and input does indeed give me inspiration and the opportunities to work towards personal goals (that’s why Ross and I make a good Team W). 

I have set myself personal goals to achieve this year, including working hard to gain my Winter Mountain Leader Award, increasing RAW business activity and running my socks off to gain better times in the local fell races and running events I have entered.  But, in order to achieve our personal goals and resolutions (and thus be a more content, inspiring, kind and motivated individual) it’s actually ourselves we need to turn to first, give ourselves a good talking to and actually be a ‘tiny’ bit selfish to make sure we are giving ourselves the best shot at things…talking to ourselves using the right words…giving ourselves some well-deserved time to listen to what’s going on inside.  First.  Only then will we find the reason for doing something.  It all starts with you…

And all those around you…


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